L ' CBD Oil is a valuable ally for the body's well-being, even during their retirement years.

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CBD for the health of the elderly

Cannabidiol (CBD) is an active ingredient of the cannabis plant and is one of the main phytocannabinoids present in the whole plant complex. The last few years have seen a renewed interest in CBD by the scientific and medical community, especially thanks to the discovery of its antioxidant , anti-inflammatory , analgesic and neuroprotective activity .

Cannabidiol has an excellent safety profile, as stated in a 2018 report by the World Health Organization, and is successfully used in a wide variety of contexts. However, it is good to clarify how cannabidiol (CBD) can be used in different forms and dosages depending on the person and the purpose to be achieved. 

In the case of people belonging to the so-called Third and Fourth ages (the latter also called older adults) the benefits are the same. What we must always pay attention to is the general health framework , the presence or absence of pathologies and, above all, a possible incompatibility with drugs that are already being taken for other reasons. To properly inform yourself, the reference figure is your doctor, who can provide all the necessary advice.

CBD oil and seniority

CBD oil is one of the most popular and widely used cannabidiol containing products. The reason for this diffusion is to be found in the great versatility of use. The oil, for example, can be taken orally (a few drops under the tongue) or used as an ointment to gently massage the joints and skin.

The way to use it, especially on older people, depends on why you chose to use it. Often, in fact, people in old age complain of disorders related to insomnia , generalized pain, joint inflammation and anxiety. CBD oil can offer invaluable help in all these contexts. 

CBD against insomnia and sleep disturbances

Over the years, sleeping well becomes more complicated. Scientific evidence in this field has meant that research was also interested in the possibilities of using cannabidiol to improve sleep quality and combat insomnia . CBD, in fact, has proven to be more than promising for intervening on sleep disorders and, if taken in low doses, on excessive daytime sleepiness. An elderly person with difficulty falling asleep can take a few drops of CBD oil before going to bed, avoiding taking conventional sleeping pills and thus enjoying a restful sleep. 

CBD oil for joint pain

Joint pain, small ailments, prolonged discomfort in the knees or elbows: they are all fairly frequent conditions among older people and these are painful sensations with which we often get used to living with. CBD oil has a strong indirect pain relieving action . Cannabidiol (CBD), in fact, is able to reduce the sensation of pain and soothe the ailments. A few drops of oil massaged on the sore spot or ingested during the day, helps to ease the pain and enjoy everyday life again. This ability of CBD is one of the reasons that made it famous among all those people who, regardless of age, suffer from chronic pain . 

CBD as a neuroprotector

Many older people suffer from a wide range of cognitive disorders. Cannabidiol also brings benefits for these particular conditions. In fact, cannabidiol has been shown to have a potential oxidative stress reduction action that can affect brain cells. This feature would make it a potential treatment to be combined with standard therapies in some well-known neurodegenerative diseases, such as Parkinson's disease or Alzheimer's disease .

CBD oil for the elderly: what dosage?

When we talk about CBD, in terms of dosage, we know that a documented overdose of CBD has never been described in the medical literature. Some studies have used doses of 5-10 mg per day while other studies that describe the effects of as many as 1500 mg per day.

In clinical practice, however, cannabidiol dosages like the latter are never used .

Depending on the case, many people orient themselves on a dose between 40 and 100 mg per day . However, nobody can, a priori, recommend a generic dose of CBD that can be universally valid for anyone. It is always good to start with the lowest dosage (5 mg) and note any benefits. From then on, you can increase the dosage until the desired benefit is achieved. In any case, however, if you use CBD oil to treat the symptoms of a specific disease, it is definitely advisable to consult your doctor to check that there is no incompatibility with standard drug therapy. 

CBD oil is now increasingly used by older people. The beneficial effects for the body given by cannabidiol contribute to a healthy and harmonious life and affect many of the small and common ailments that can strike in old age. Enecta CBD oil is available in various concentrations , ready to meet anyone's needs. 

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