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Alchemic Extracts is a holistic company that stands for awareness, balance, knowledge and above all self-development.

We work on developing unique craftsmanship according to ancient alkemic principles, combined with modern technology. At present, our product range consists largely of different types of hemp products, but we also work on extracting oils and extracts from a variety of plants such as turmeric, cacao, chaga and much more. In our shop you will find all our products and product descriptions.


Our passion is to revive ancient holistic knowledge lost in our modern society. In our production, we combine this ancient knowledge with modern technology to create new unique handcrafted alchemical products. Our vision is to spread this knowledge so that more people and to get a more holistic society.

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Alchemic Hemp Balm

The alchemic hemp balm is for external use only. The balm is made...

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