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We offer the highest quality products and the latest information on the hemp industry. The goal is not in consumer sales countries, nor to be informed about the healing properties of hemp, as well as the latest research, studies and discovered benefits of it.

Our brand says it all Pure for Life ™

Our UNIQUE lies in this, because we are the first company in Bulgaria to close the circle of production from seed to shelf and then sell only its hemp products. The companies are not originally based in Colorado, USA, where plants are seen, extracted and various end products are produced. This way we can start convincing them of the quality of our offer and we will not pass on the trust voted by the clients.

The products are not made of the purest NATURALLY extracted hemp, using our scientifically proven patented technology. Our products are made from the best extracts using low pressure and temperature technology that preserves the natural elements of the plant. As a manufacturer of a single extraction technology created specifically for the fragrance and fragrance industry, we can offer the highest quality and standard products on the market.

Our TRUE FULL-SPECTRUM extracts are derived from our safe nutritional grade extraction process that preserves the nutritional value of the plants. We control our products from seeds to shelves and all our products are tested in an ISO 9001 certified laboratory meeting the highest testing standards. We follow good manufacturing practice (GMP) - the gold standard in manufacturing. Our products are GMO-free and pesticide-free and guarantee 100% satisfaction.

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