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The PhenoLife product range passed through numerous modifications until we found the sought after sweet spot. It encompasses years of dedicated, hard work from a team of people who really care. From scientists to doctors and beyond, we have spent many hours perfecting the final product experience.

At PhenoLife, we are committed to researching and developing high quality natural solutions using the non-intoxicating compounds of the hemp plant – CBD. All PhenoLife products pass through a rigorous testing process before they are sold. All the materials and processes are strictly supervised from seed to shelf. The PhenoLife range is produced in non-GMO (non genetically modified) approved facilities and meets the highest manufacturing standards.

PhenoLife is the brainchild of a dedicated group of experts within the wellness sector. Recent years of combined experience led to the creation of PhenoLife, a concept based on extraordinary hemp-based products that are mild, non-invasive, but potent and effective.

The concept of the PhenoLife range was to create a variety of products, made from organic hemp, to assist those seeking alternative therapeutic relief from a range of ailments including anxiety, insomnia, and pain. 

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Glucosamine Cream

Glucosamine Cream combines the therapeutic properties of CBD and...

Price BGN87.00